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Sailing on a cruiser

So it is about 11.50 meters long sun Odyssey, exceptionally windy and precise on the steering, which is why it is ideal for sailing and regattas.
It has all the necessary equipment: the main sail of extremely large squares, genomes, hairdressers, spinnaker small and large. Because of the above mentioned equipment, it is possible to sail for a very small wind with excellent results.




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Jedrenje na dasci (windsurfing)

Windsurfing is a sport for all those who want to feel the true connection of sail and wind. It can be used by people aged 7 to 77 years. We have all the necessary equipment, both for children and adults. We have equipment for beginners, advanced and those who are more than that. Our center is located in Solaris, but also in other locations as needed.




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Kiteboarding is also a sport for people of 7-77 years as well as for all those who want adrenaline. Unlike other sports listed, Kiteboarding is an extreman and requires more concretion and theoretical as well as practical learning.
As with windsurfing, we find ourselves in Solaris and, if necessary, in other locations






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Enter Croatia

In order to facilitate the crossing of the border of the Republic of Croatia and to make our guests aware of the epidemiological measures in force in Croatia, a website was created.

On this page there is an online form in which all data required in the process of crossing the border are entered and with a simple presentation of a passport or identity document to a border police officer, the number or code from the ID card or passport is automatically linked to all pre-entered data online.

At the same time, all those who fill in their data online, will be sent to their email address instructions that will contain epidemiological information and measures in force in the Republic of Croatia for their safe stay in Croatia.



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